List of the on going projects.

# Project Title Sponsoring Agency Period Duration Cost (INR in Lakhs)
1 Optimization of fiber laser cavity using an evolutionary algorithm to investigate novel lasing states IITH 2021-23 2 25.0
2 Towards Multifunctional Two-micron Ultrafast Fiber Laser for High-Precision Biomedical applications (TUFL) CEFIPRA 2023-26 3 180.0
3 Design and Development of a multifunctional all-fiber laser system for the "On-demand" generation of structured laser light JICA 2022-25 3 30.0
4 Harnessing optical nonlinearity and Spatiotemporal dynamics to carve the higher dimensional light bullets in multimode optical fiber system DST-CRG 2024-27 3 47.3
5 Tensor-based Machine Learning for Early Detection of Keratoconus Eye Conditions (TENSORKATE) IIT KGP (National AI Call) AI4ICPS 2023-24 2 42.0
6 Development of Next Generation of Spatio-Temporal Multimode Broadband Amplifiers for Fiber Optic Communication (NextSTAR) SPARC 2024-27 3 120.0
7 A Proof-of-Concept study on laser additive manufacturing of single crystal super alloys through spatio-temporally tailored laser bean DRDO-ARDB 2023-25 2 22.0