Nonlinear Optics is the branch in optics that describes the interaction of high intense light with matter, where the optical nonlinearities significantly alter the optical and physical properties of light and the matter leading to plethora of interesting effects. We have made several interesting contributions in this topic, particularly, supercontinuum generation, pulse compression, modulational instability, to mention a few.

It is the generation of ultrabroad band octave spanning spectrum, often identified as the “White-light laser”. There are several techniques to achieve such broadband spectrum. Following are some contributions to this field.

Modulational instability (MI) is considered to be a central process in nonlinear physics, particularly in nonlinear optics. In nonlinear optics, MI is referred to as an instability process arising from the interplay between nonlinear and dispersive effects, such that the steady-state solution becomes unstable and manifests in the exponential growth of a weak perturbation. Often MI is recognized as the time analogue of the fourwave mixing. We have made several contributions to MI, following are few to mention.

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