Mr. Sourabh Kumar Barik

Mr. Sourabh Kumar Barik


Research Interests

My name is Sourabh Kumar Barik and I am currently pursuing a lateral Entry Degree (2nd year) in the Department of Applied Optics And Photonics, Rajabazar Science College University Of Calcutta, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I have completed my BSc in Electronics Honours from Asutosh College, University Of Calcutta. My interest are learning about the universe, Black hole, Dark Matter, Planets and Moons, Galaxies, Astronomical Instruments, Satellite Image Processing, Optical Image processing. Fiber Optics, Astronomical Instruments, Spectroscopy, Polarimetry, Interferometry, Optical Communication, Quantum optics, Bio-Optics, Nano Optics, Lasers, Holography, Fourier Optics, Remote Sensing, Geographical Information System, Astrobiology, Astrophysics.

Professional Background

  • Under Graduation
    • University Of Calcutta - June 2021- Present